Cooking Gac Yentafo

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Project Description

Cooking Gac Yentafo

This activity is the activity of Ban fuak kaow at Mahasawat community. Ms. Khanittha Pinitkun at Ban fuak kaow will be an educator who teaches about the cooking process and ingredients step by step so it will be very easy to understand. The interesting thing is the source that use gec as the ingredient so it will make it tasty and beneficial to our body. For those who are interested or would like to taste the taste of Yentafo can contact Ban fuak kaow via the contact information below.


Uncooked Tofu


Granulated sugar


How to cook

1.Wash the gac and scrape the pulp and separates it from the seed.

2.Mix the pulp with other ingredients and blend it together with the blender.

3.Bring it to a heat, cook the sauce and wait until it ripe.

4.Put the sauce into the noodle for making the Yentafo.

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