Boat trip along the Mahasawat canal

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Project Description

Boat trip along the Mahasawat canal

Open daily 08:00 - 17:00

Boat ride along the Mahasawat canal.It is a boat trip and closely watches the atmosphere of Mahasawat community. This is an activity that started in 2000 by a community enterprise named "Khlong Mahasawat Agricultural Tourism Group" with 5 important locations. The overall time is approximately 3 hours. The time may change according to the tourists' time.

Cost details

Boat ride costs In the price range 260 - 600 baht / person, based on

Boat fee-350 baht, can seat 6 people

Admission Fee - 100 baht per person for check-in at all five tourist spots (ex. Come, 6 people will pay 100 per person)

Overall, if coming 6 people The cost will be around 950 baht.

Contact info

Mr.Manoonara Sodsai 0-3429-7152, 08-1495-9091

(Chairman of the Community Enterprise, Agro Tourism, Cruise along the Mahasawat Canal)

No. 16/3 Village No.1, Salaya-Nakhon Chai Si Road, Salaya Subdistrict, Phutthamonthon District Nakhon Pathom Province

Mr Wanchai Sawatdang 081-4986340

Ms Jaew Chongdee 08-9403-6955

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