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Project Description

Stories of Saladin's rice cracker

In 1999, they started to make a rice cracker and Try to make it delicious by sprinkling with grains or sprinkling with shredded pork and then it becomes the famous rice cracker that is tourists can buy today.

There is a demonstration of how to make rice crackers for tourists. Rice cracker(Khao Tang in Thai) is a famous product of Baan Sala Din, with many flavors that are delicious. There is no cost to view. After completion, it will be prepared with the prepared side dishes. At Ban Sala Din, drinking water services are provided for free.

Ingredients and tools


Plastic bag


1.Wrap rice in plastic bag and thresh it until it become a piece.

2.Fold a plastic bag in half to wrap the rice. Use a cutting board to flatten the rice.

3.User a mold to shape the rice

4.Bask it for 2 days.

5.Fry the basked rice until it turn yellow and crispy.

6.Decorate and season it as you please.

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