Story of Lotus land


A vast area surrounded by lotus Is an atmosphere that invites enchantment with beauty.

With a pavilion that the view will be the water and many lotus. Tourists can learn about lotus and join the activity at this place.

If anyone wants to enjoy and relax, they can paddle among various lotus. Some products contain lotus as an ingredient such as lotus tea.


Long time ago this area is the rice field and Mr.Jam is the farmer. He sells the rice that he harvest and sell it for money but the money is not enough to take care of his family. One day, Mr.Jam daughter, Praphai Sawattho, she persuaded her father to use this area to do the lotus field. Formally, she always helps to arrange the lotus bouquet so she knew the way to take care of the lotus and she thinks that the rice field need to take a long time to make the rice grow.

When she starts to do the lotus field, If the lotus remain from sale, she will bring the pollen to dry by the sun. After that she will send it for selling at Chinese drug store. The price will be 200 baht per one kg. Normally, the lotus that she plants is Nelumbo nucifera which is not famous because of the softness of the petals so she changes to Album Plenum and Roseum Plenum instead. In 1977, which King Rama IX gave some area to people at Mahasawat Community 20 rai per family. This lotus field has always been under the Sufficiency Economy. They plant vegetables and have the fish in the pool for eating. Their pride is when people come to buy their lotus for worshiping buddha that makes them glad.


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