Story of BannSaladin


Ban Saladin is the place that teaches about how to use resources to make money and solve the problem inside the village in the concept “every resource will not useless”. For example, creating fertilizer from the water hyacinth which is an interesting concept about using every resource worthwhile. Besides, This place also teaches about rice cracker which is a famous snack at this place.

In the beginning, people in Mahasawat community live by adhering to the principles of a sufficient economy but the comfort that everyone has also caused the problem partly because local organizations teach people at Mahasawat community to rely on the government. After they only rely on the government, they cannot do anything by themselves because when the problem occurs, people call the government only. The water in Mahasawat canal is rotten, their descendants abandon the village but the thing that villagers try to do is formed a group to develop the tourism around Mahasawat canal, they forgot to consider the environment. The result is no one comes to Mahasawat because many hyacinths on Mahasawat canal and no one is interested in traveling. They start to think about the environment and try to find the solution to eliminate hyacinths on the Mahasawat canal, they start with let people around Mahasawat canal help each other to collect them and discard them but this plan did not work for long because people do not have the motivation and they stop collect it. Ban Saladin starts to make the motivation for everyone so they will buy the hyacinths from everyone, 20 baht/1 kg that makes everyone try to collect hyacinths as much as they want. The money that Ban Saladin paid for hyacinths come from the utilization of hyacinths. They make the soil from the hyacinths and sell it to people who need to use soil for planting. After thy eliminate the hyacinths on the canal, they start to form a boat group that will send the tourists to each interesting point in Mahasawat community. At that time there are not many places that tourists will travel so, other people in the community also want to join this tourism plan. Then the number of members is increasing and now, there are 77members and each member has mutual benefits by welcoming tourists to visit. Their descendants come back to help their parents to develop products and services. At this present time, if you come to Ban Saladin on Saturday and Sunday, you will see the market that has many products that come from their efforts.

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